To reach and disciple the people of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To provide people, Christian ministries and Church organizations who are active in Africa, with our free evangelistic Tracts and Discipleship materials which are available in various languages and media types.

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South Africa 

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Emmanuel Press in Africa

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Emmanuel Press is committed to spreading the Gospel to our local community. Several years ago, the manager of a local restaurant looked for ways that Gospel Tracts could be provided to people who come into town to do their shopping.

At the same time, one of our staff members saw a display stand that was being used by a telephone company to provide information about their products.

Wouldn’t you know it, the stand was the perfect size for our tracts! The telephone company generously donated 25 of these display stands to Emmanuel Press, which have been filled with our Tracts and placed in various shops around town. The shop owners were willing to partner with us in this venture, and all 25 stands full of our tracts are now on display in a number of places such as the florist shop, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, furniture shops, the funeral home and the Christian bookstore and even a bottle store!

Tracts are available in several local languages for anyone to pick up and hopefully respond to the Gospel and enroll in our Discipleship Course.


Please pray with us for the many people who will read and respond to the gospel message by inviting Jesus into their hearts and lives.

Community Outreach